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please DON'T mess around with demonic possession/religion!

Now, I'm not telling anyone what they can and cannot do, but the strongest advice I can give to people is to NEVER mess around with demonic possession, or religions that involve inviting some being into your life, however that being/entity might be portrayed. Nasty, nasty things will come of it, as ill now explain. In fact, I would even say that messing around with Ouija boards is a bit dangerous.

please bear in mind that this is just information and its up to you what you do with it. if you dont like it, then please dont read it.

In ancient times, it was a commonly held belief that mysterious, ghost-like 'gods' lived among us, invisible to the naked eye, but real nonetheless. in the Islamic faith these beings were (and still are) called 'Jinn', in Japan they are known as 'Kami', in the Christian faith they became known as 'demons' and 'angels', they were the 'gods' of ancient Egypt and Aztec civilisations, and had so many other manifestations across the world it is alarming. 

 then, around the age of the enlightenment and the age of reason, some philosophers (usually from secret societies such as the Rosicrucian order, etc) began saying that actually the physical world is all that exists, and if we cant 'see' something, it doesn't exist. Basically, they began saying that these entities are not real and are just superstition, and this really caught on over time.

However, more recent scientific discoveries have shown that what they were saying back then is actually not true. Scientists have found that the Electromagnetic Spectrum, that is, all the frequencies we can 'see', are less than 99% of reality! The rest of reality is mostly what they call 'dark matter', matter that exists but that we do not experience. In fact, we live in an extremely small frequency range, surrounded by other 'dimensions' and frequency fields of reality. 

So it turns out the ancients weren't all THAT stupid after all! They knew that all of creation is full of life, in all shapes and forms, and that the reality that we experience is just a very small part of a whole universe of existence. 

So the saying 'ill believe it when I see it' is actually prettttty damn short-sighted, given that the eyes are basically blind to the whole world around them.

So, in the same way that we are in a small frequency range experiencing this world all around us, so are there other beings experiencing other frequency ranges outside of our perceptive range. You ever seen a dog or cat go nuts at a certain point in the room, when it appears that there's nothing there? That's because the dog/cat has a slightly larger perceptive range than we do and can see something, or someone, there. However, we've had our perceptive range closed down throughout our lives, so we can't quite see it. 

It also explains how people who take drugs, like DMT and such, and then experience a massive opening of their perceptive range (from their 'third eye', their pineal gland), experience all these 'alien' entities. They're not really 'space aliens' as such; they're just beings from another frequency range, or another 'dimension', if you like.

Now, back to what the hell I was talking about before, 'demonic possession'.

The ancients knew about these beings, and that's what they were mostly referring to when they were talking about the 'Jinn' or the 'Kami' or 'demons' or whatever. In fact, these 'demons' Christianity talks about are just malevolent beings on a slightly different frequency range. what we think of as 'demonic possession' is when one of these malevolent beings is able to influence a person by 'attaching' itself to that persons 'energy field' or 'spirit' or whatever you wanna call it.

Let me take some time to explain this because it sounds weird at first.

the very same ancient people who knew all about these other-dimensions knew about how people with a certain genetic make-up can actually interact, and even 'channel', certain other-dimensional beings. They devised this whole system of how to do it as well, as illustrated in the 'Goetia', and the 'Lesser Keys of Solomon' etc. 

Now, human history has been dominated by a network of interbreeding families (people of a CERTAIN GENETIC MAKE-UP), that have become, over time, the royal families of Europe. They have been obsessed with Black Magic and Occultism, and more specifically, the Goetia and interacting with these 'demonic' beings. They have been equally obsessed with large-scale domination of populations, for example, these interbreeding bloodlines (genetic lines) of Europe were behind the British empire, which dominated the world, and the Spanish empire, etc. A notable historical 'quirk' of these bloodlines is that they use secret societies such as Freemasonry, The Bilderberg Group, etc, to get themselves into positions of power.

Now, these families, or genetic lines, have never gone away. All that's changed is their scientific and technological capability. They are STILL obsessed with occultism, and STILL obsessed with large-scale domination. What we think of as the 'big brother state' is simply them doing what they do best: dominating populations. 'Globalisation', the European Union and all, is another form of this, because it is all about CENTRALISING power to fewer and fewer people. In effect, creating a big-brother, large-scale dictatorship. In fact, these bloodlines helped set up the EU through The Bilderberg Group, etc. 

 This makes sense of how so many US presidents, Such as Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc, have had major 'blue-blood' ties to the European royal families. For example, Barrack Obama was the one presidential candidate, out of the final 3, which had the greatest degree of 'blue-blood', and surprise-surprise, he won!

Barrack Obama is also 8th cousin to Dick Cheney, and Dick Cheney himself is 9th cousin, once removed, to George W Bush, making Obama and Bush 11th cousins. You can just Google it and you'll find mainstream news reporting on it. They're all part of the same bloodline cabal carrying out their desire for global domination!

Now, like I was saying earlier, certain genetic streams can 'channel' certain other-dimensional entities, and this is where things get pretty damn weird.

This European bloodline cabal believe that they are descended from 'divinity' (hence the book 'Holy Blood Holy Grail' that the Da Vinci Code was based on) and that they actually have this ability to channel and interact with these demonic beings I was talking about before. 

You often hear people talking about how this country's 'looking more and more like Nazi Germany every day', and there's actually a good reason for that. Nazi Germany was an exercise for the European bloodline cabal, and is a brilliant way to get a peek in at their twisted world.

 Edward the VIII, the british monarch, publicly supported Hitler, and The British Royal Family went to visit him in 1937.

 Hitler also received funding from the Union Banking Corporation, that at the time was dominated by Skull and Bones members, that is, members of the Order of Skull Bones secret society that the Bush family were members of. Many prominent Nazi scientists, including ones that worked in the Death Camps, were actually brought over to work in America after the war under something called 'Project Paperclip', without having to go to jail or anything for the crimes they had committed. The bloodline elites were just carrying out an exercise in domination, and wanted to use the Nazi scientists from the country they had helped to set up! they really influenced both sides of the war, covertly.

 Now, the sick thinking and beliefs of Hitler were moulded mostly by agents of the bloodline cabal, for example, by the work of 1. Aleister Crowley, 2. Madame Blavatsky, and 3. a man called Houston Stewart Chamberlain. 

 1. Aleister Crowley was a major occultist and deeply involved with the European nobility. He worked for MI6 and called himself 'the beast' (after The Devil in Revelations), and wrote a book under 'automatic writing' or 'demonic possession', called the 'Book of the Law' in which the possessing entity said:

'I am unique and conqueror. I am not of the slaves that perish. Be they damned and dead. Amen... therefore strike hard and low and to hell with them, master... Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! This is the law of the battle of conquest; thus shall my worship be about my secret house... Worship me with fire and blood; worship me with swords and with spears. 

Let the woman be gurt with a sword before me; let blood flow in my name. Trample down the heathen; be upon them, O warrior, I will give you their flesh to eat... Sacrifice cattle, little and big; after a child... kill and torture; spare not; be upon them!'

...And shared other warm sentiments...

 He did many strange rituals to interact with demonic beings and even drew an illustration of the one creature he claimed to have contacted, a creature called 'Lam':

 Aleister Crowley was a nice guy himself, he wrote in his book 'Magick in Theory and Practice', about how to sacrifice children:

'It was the theory of the ancient magicians that any living being is a storehouse of energy varying in quantity according to the size and health of the animal, and in quality according to its mental and moral character. At the death of this animal this energy is liberated suddenly. For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.'

 That is the mentality of these people and the demonic entities they interact with.

 2. Madame Blavatsky was the founder of the Theosophical Society, and said she was in contact with mysterious ethereal 'hidden masters', and wrote books about her version of human history, saying that the blonde-haired, blue-eyed 'Aryan' peoples of the world went back to the ancient 'Atlantis'.

  3. Houston Stewart Chamberlain is listed by author John Coleman as a member of the secretive 'Committee of 300', and was a deeply troubled man, who appeared to be under demonic influence. at one point he was an advisor to the German Kaiser Wilhelm. he wrote in his books that all civilisation comes from the 'Aryan race', and that Jews were evil polluters of humanity, etc, more racist diatribe, that Hitler would become influenced by, and incorporate into his sick beliefs.

  The Nazis were also totally OBSESSED with the occult (as you would expect), and in fact Hitler was slowly drawn down deeper and deeper into the clutches of the other-dimensional demonic beings (the beings from a different frequency range, remember) through his occult practises. in the end, he was full-on 'possessed' by them, and they began to use him as their puppet. 

  'beyond any doubt...Hitler was possessed by forces outside of himself' one of Hitlers aides, Hermann Rauschning, said, in 'Hitler Speaks'. 'almost demoniacal forces of which the individual man Hitler was only the temporary vehicle.'

  the Nazi's ceremonies were even all laid out like an occult ritual to help bring the German masses further into their mentality.

Historically, the 'Blonde-haired blue-eyed Aryan' genetic stream the Nazis were so obsessed with, is very interesting, especially seeing that the Bloodline families I've been talking about are of that exact genetic stream. Black comedians, talking about George Bush or whatever, sometimes jokingly say 'it's the white guys!' and they don't really mean normal white people, they mean these bloodlines. Because, it seems, that particular genetic stream has the ability to channel these malevolent demonic beings. That obviously doesn't mean every blonde-haired, blue-eyed person can channel these malevolent beings, it just means that they have the potential genetics to channel them, and of course this is why the Nazis were really so obsessed with such people. 

 It also doesn't mean that people with, say, black hair and brown eyes cannot interact with them, or even people with a different skin pigment, the genetic codes are so complex. 

in fact, mainstream scientists say that over 90% of DNA is just 'junk' DNA, because they don't know what it does! as some open-minded scientists say, it most likely relates to the 90%+ of reality we don't experience, the other frequency ranges. as such, it allows other-dimensional beings to 'channel' themselves through it, and really only a malevolent being would want to do such a thing.

 It just seems that the main expression of the genetics are the so called 'Aryan' genetics, and the elite families make damn sure that the genetics to channel these demonic beings are 'activated' in their children.

 Certain symbolism and certain rituals activate such genetics, and many world religions have such symbolism hidden in their ceremonies. It becomes pretty damn interesting when you look at the symbolism in Christianity, how Jesus is so often portrayed as some Aryan superhero, and how, at least in the forms of Christianity I am familiar with, a major part of becoming a Christian is ACCEPTING Jesus into your soul TO INFLUENCE YOUR LIFE! Jesus Christ seems to me to be a symbol of these exact demonic entities (remember the bloodlines and the Da Vinci Code?)

These particularly malicious entities cannot actually 'possess' a person unless the person actually gives consent, so it is a battle for them to find new ways of subtle persuasion and coercion to get people to consent to such a thing. It's like the folklore about how vampires need a persons invitation to come into their home, so they disguise themselves and use underhanded techniques to get in. These entities need to dress themselves up in symbolism and appear as some 'good guy', when really they're nothing of the sort.

A LOT of the New Age revolves around accepting 'Spirit Guides', or some other obscure entity, to 'possess' you or enter your 'soul' or 'life', or even channelling beings that sometimes even claim to be 'aliens'. If the genetic mix is right, and has been activated by certain symbolism and rituals (hidden in religious ceremonies, etc), and you give open consent, then the entity can jump right in and sink its teeth straight into you.

 what these beings will do, once they are 'attached' onto a person, is influence their general thoughts and feelings to suit their own agenda. they seem to be only really able to do this when a person is stressed or upset, because the person is then locked into their 'lower' expressions, mainly primal sexual instincts and survival instincts, which is the level on which most of these entities dwell. once a person is in that state, the entity can influence that persons thoughts and feelings and attempt (and trust me it is one hell of a battle for them) to steer the person deeper and deeper into their clutches. remember what happened with Hitler? well that's the basic idea. 
  if you are in a state of relaxation, or peace or 'love', they are unable to get to you. look at how our society is structured to get us all stressed (the 'dog-eat-dog' world), the very society dominated by the bloodline families and the demonic entities working through them!! 

 and how do I know all this? how do I know the modus operandi of the other-dimensional beings? well, because, being brought up a Christian, and having certain genetics, I've experienced it myself! now, let me say right away, my genetic pedigree is NO WHERE NEAR what someone like, say, Obama or Bill Clinton has, and they themselves have NO WHERE NEAR the pedigree of the true elite families. I'm not saying I'm some 'special case', and I'm not blaming all my mistakes and faults on some ambiguous 'being'. but I have experienced a demonic influence in my life (like, sadly and unknowingly, way too many people do), that only really comes through when I'm in that deep, dark, stressed-out and upset state. 
  basically, this entity seems to have attached itself to me when I accepted 'Jesus' into my life, and has since tried to get me into Luciferianism (to get a better hold on me), Nazism, and even tried to get me to kill myself! needless to say, it is obviously a nasty piece of work. 
 I had a very bad experience in Town the other day. me and my mates had gone out to have a drink and a laugh, and for some reason I got a bit anxious and had been drinking, and basically the demonic creature seems to have taken the opportunity and seized my solar plexus and wrenched it around, upsetting my whole system. I was throwing up and literally felt like I was going to die, and I just collapsed into a sitting position on the floor, I felt so bad (not because I was off-balance, lol). and I hadn't even had much to drink! it was horrific, as my mates that helped me out afterward saw... 
  it may be that alcohol and anxiety combined to put me into a state that made me susceptible to the influence of the entity.
 but the good news is if we stay conscious, stay relaxed and generally healthy, these beings can't touch us. so lets spread the love around! lets try to get on with each other (as corny as it sounds) and stop the hate! lets realise our true infinite potential, and live a life, and create a world, of peace, tranquillity  and pleasure! easy to say, I know, and I need to practise this as much as (probably even more than) most people. but it still needs to be done, in my view.

 another reason I know so much about this is because I'm tapping into a very small portion of the infinite potential we all have. instead of bumming out watching Scrubs or Friends or something, I prefer to read about human history and the world we are experiencing, just because its ssoo damn interesting! free your mind from the mind-numbing Derren-Brown-style mass-hypnosis we call 'entertainment', and get interested in the incredible, dynamic universe around you. there really is nothing more rewarding than learning about it and experiencing it.

 these demonic entities and their bloodline families are gearing up for some big stuff over the next decade or so, so we really need to stick together and get CONSCIOUS.

there is a HELL of a lot more to know about everything I've written about here, so please message me or something if you want more information or sources or anything.

Thanks for reading ;)

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