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The Cameron Chronicles - the Making of a Puppet-Prime-Minister (Memory Note no. 4)

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Memory Note no. 4 - Election-fraud


‘It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.’ – Joseph Stalin

It is highly possible that this General Election has been fraught with ‘vote-fraud’ or ‘election-fraud’.

In 2005 elections, Britons were urged not to vote by post, since the practice was widely condemned for facilitating vote-fraud. Shortly before the call went out, a former Labour councillor was jailed for three and a half years after being caught engaging in fraud with postal votes. The councillor, Muhammed Hussain, 61, from Logwood Street, Blackburn, Lancashire, pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud local elections in May 2002.

According to a BBC article on the arrest:

‘Earlier this week, in a separate case involving Labour councillors in Birmingham, a judge said the UK's postal voting system would "disgrace a banana republic".’

There was also compelling evidence that the 2007 Scottish elections were victim to vote-fraud, and certainly there were a very unusual, (and according to the BBC, ‘unprecedented’) amount of rejected ballot papers. Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond commented on the elections, saying: ‘tens of thousands of votes across Scotland have been discounted. That is totally unacceptable in a democratic society.’

Vote-fraud was also widely suspected in the Glasgow North East by-elections of 2009, which were won by the Labour Party. Police were called in to investigate the possibility of vote-fraud, and according the Scotsman, over 6,000 people registered for postal votes in Glasgow North East, which is 10% of all eligible voters. Where were the other 90%?
SNP’s Alex Salmond told the Guardian that he had been very surprised at the large number of late postal vote applications submitted in this campaign. ‘Around 1,100 were made in the three days before applications closed.’ He said. Remember how postal votes were considered deeply susceptible to fraud?
Judge Richard Mawley QC said of postal voting: ‘Postal voting on demand is lethal to the democratic process. Wholesale electoral fraud is both easy and profitable.’ He was the judge presiding over a case of vote rigging in Birmingham in the 2005 elections, and said: ‘The system is wide open to fraud and any would-be political fraudster knows that’ He cited evidence of ‘massive, systematic and organised fraud’ saying: ‘Anybody who has sat through the case I have just tried and listened to evidence of electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic would find [the claim that our voting system is secure] surprising.’

A 2001 Guardian article on vote-fraud in the UK by journalist Nick Davies highlights the various methods fraudsters, or ‘riggers’ use to manipulate elections. He writes: ‘Vote-rigging is well established and it is crafted with rat-like cunning. Just about nobody in politics complains about it - because just about everybody in politics knows that his or her own party has been implicated’

He explains what is probably the most common form of vote-rigging – inventing false people to register multiple votes – creating ‘ghosts’:
‘The best and simplest way to procure false votes is to invent false voters - "ghosts", as they are known in the trade….In the 1998 Hackney council elections, which ended with the jailing of two councillors this month, Lib Dem and Tory riggers registered one of their relatives in two different locations; logged eight fictional voters at the address of a derelict property; and registered more than 80 other ghosts by hijacking the names of students at a residential college, knowing that the students were unlikely to find out, since they were foreign or too young to vote.’

In these 2010 General Elections, at least 50 criminal inquiries nationwide have been launched by police amid widespread cases of electoral rolls being packed with ‘bogus’ voters – ‘Ghosts’.
According to the Daily Mail: ‘The Mail’s Richard Kay has learned that for the first time ever the Commonwealth is dispatching a group of election monitors – more used to supervising banana republics – to scrutinise the results on Thursday….The problem is not confined to London. In Yorkshire, five police investigations are under way in Bradford and Calderdale, where two arrests have been already been made.
In Derby, police are investigating several claims of electoral fraud, including one case where a female voter was allegedly intimidated by three men who demanded that she fill in and sign postal votes for the Labour Party.’
Controversial MP George Galloway, of the leftist ‘Respect’ party, claimed to have knowledge of people involved in vote-fraud in the 2010 elections. His party, Respect, said in early May, that:

‘Respect has a substantial dossier on the current abuse and the principal people involved in this attempted fraud. George Galloway will name these people and the Respect bus will drive to their addresses where reporters and photographers will have the opportunity to question the people Galloway has named.’

Former reporter and broadcaster Martin Bell said of the potentially fraud-ridden results of the elections: ‘There is actually a possibility that the result of the election could be decided by electoral fraud. That’s pretty grim’

So as you can see, there is a clear possibility that election-fraud played a part in the 2010 elections. How much a part it may have played, we do not know, but it is always a wide-spread risk in UK elections.

Remember, there is a Global Elite who have an agenda for the world – a One World Government controlled by them. They use mass-media to swing public favour in front of Prime Ministerial candidates they control, and make sure to control all 3 major parties, so their agenda goes on unmolested. The Lib-Lab-CON has been successful in keeping the Elite in control of British politics, and they may in fact even resort to vote-fraud to ensure that their chosen candidate gets ‘elected’ as Prime Minister.

So what the hell do we do about it?

What we can do

‘Be the change you wish to see in this world’ – Mahatma Gandhi

‘If you are a minority of one, the Truth is still the Truth’ – Mahatma Gandhi

As the Global Elite make their final moves towards open World Tyranny, there is a world-wide awakening happening as citizens from all over the planet realise who they are and what their agenda is. This global awakening is rising up in direct opposition to their agenda, and threatens to put an end to their system of planetary slavery and oppression.

Top Globalist Strategist Zbigniew Brzeznski discusses the global awakening and how it may be co-opted in a CFR meeting

The Elite are well aware of this awakening and plan on using multiple strategies to misdirect it, co-opt it and stifle it before it puts an end to their agenda. This is why we NEED to stay clued-up on them and what they are doing, and why we need to put effort into studying this stuff and knowing how they operate, etc.

But of course, reading about it is not really enough. We need to get the information out to other people, including those around us in our communities. We all have a unique way of seeing the world, and unique ways of understanding and communicating this information. This is why we ALL need to get our rear-ends of the sofa, get our eyes away from the TV for a while, and spread the word to our neighbours and community in whatever way we see most effective. Apply your creativity, your own unique intelligence, to this, and I think you’d be surprised at the results.

Most importantly, if you’re serious about putting an end to this, you need to get past worrying about what other people will think of you. I know there are all sorts of nasty people around, and you will get people taking the micky and laughing at you, and even perhaps getting angry, since it’s quite ‘controversial’ information.
But if you break free of that mind-prison of constantly living in fear of what people might do and say about you, it won’t really matter to you. Just leave the close-minded idiots to their own devices – there’s plenty more fish in the sea as the saying goes. Don’t be afraid of speaking your truth to whoever the hell will listen.

In practical terms, you could join a local activist group that confronts these kinds of issues – just be careful it hasn’t been co-opted or taken over or misguided in some way. The Whole Truth Coalition is a good activist group that I know of that campaigns in the UK on the issues I’ve discussed here, as does the global We Are Change activist group.
If there is no local chapter of We Are Change or whatever, it might be an idea to start one. Of course it might be an up-hill struggle at times, but I think it’s well worth it – and if not We Are Change, then maybe start a group entirely of your own devising. Of course remember to be tactful and stay away from rigid hierarchies, but it’s always an idea.

Personally, I think it’s most effective if activism is kept mostly to local issues and affairs – don’t try and bite off more than you chew, and end up sorely disappointed. Westminster might not listen to your arguments, but friendly meetings with your local MP or some such person may go down very well.

Also, I think it’s best not to be afraid of these Elitist types. We’ve got to get some self-respect and guts and not be afraid to speak our mind to them and confront them on what they are doing. These people are assisting the dismantling of our freedoms, liberties, and sovereignty – and the mass media acts like they’re great pariahs of society!

No, Osborne, we don’t appreciate you running our country into the ground and sending our troops to die in unjust wars for global conquest!

We need to show them we are not their happy-to-serve slaves, but we mustn’t get hateful. I think we should still have love in our hearts for them – they are very sick and misguided people, and hate will solve nothing, neither will violence (in fact it would give them the perfect excuse to persecute us and besides, we don’t want to sink to their level).

Ed Balls gets confronted by We Are Change activists in Birmingham

It’s time to stop taking crap from the powers-that-be, and peacefully refuse to go along with our own enslavement. How many people are on this planet? 6 billion? And how many of those compose the Global Elite? Like, a few thousand? Hmm, I think I see where we’re going wrong…

A clip from ‘A Bugs Life’ that illustrates perfectly how Human Beings are kept in-line…

We need to be lion-hearted, instead of self-deluded, and only then can we live in a world of freedom, liberty and happiness.

Consider this a personal invitation to join the Global Revolution of Love and Peace, and to put an end to the corrupt Global Elite and their World Dictatorship.


Lion-heart painting by Richard Normandin – available here

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