Monday, 24 May 2010

The Cameron Chronicles - the Making of a Puppet-Prime-Minister (the Lib-Lab-CON and the three-party-scam)

‘To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity’ - Oscar Wilde

‘The world is governed by very different personages than what is imagined by those not behind the scenes’ – Benjamin Disraeli, Conservative Prime Minister of the UK, Coningsby


Personally, I have been quite surprised watching this recent General Election in the UK unfold – mostly surprised by how many people I had thought were intelligent and aware of some of the levels of corruption and special interests manipulating the British establishment, get fooled. There are many reasons to see this election as a stage-managed farce benefitting the few at the expense of the many – the corrupt establishment, wealthy dynasties using their influence to manipulate a certain outcome, and much more serious ones as well – and this blog is an attempt to document and detail many of those reasons.

We as a people need desperately to wake up to how elections are staged, and how, though the resident Prime-Minister of Downing Street may change, the same interests go on running the show from behind the scenes. We need to because our freedoms, civil liberties, and future as the people of this country and as a species depend on it.

There are 4 memory-notes you must bear in mind that will help you understand why and how General Elections in the UK are a farce, and what we can do about it:

Memory note no. 1 – the Agenda of the super-powerful


‘The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of this country.
‘...We are governed, our minds molded, our tastes formed, largely by men we have never heard of.’ – Edward Bernays, the ‘father’ of modern propaganda and ‘PR’ techniques, Propaganda, p.37


One historian who has written about the wealthy families and dynasties manipulating the UK and the western world for their own goals is Professor of Georgetown University Carroll Quigley (1910 - 1977). Quigley was also a mentor to Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton, who thanked him for his mentorship in his address to the Democratic National Convention in New York upon accepting the Presidential nomination. Quigley had access to secret archives of documents most historians do not, and he published his study of those documents in his 1966 book, ‘Tragedy and Hope’. In that 1348 page book, Quigley gives a fairly different view of the history of the ‘Anglo-American Establishment’ as he had called it.
He explains (as he had previously written in his 1949/1981 book ‘The Anglo-American Establishment’) that the agent of the tyrannical and racist British Empire in South Africa, Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902), left money in his Will that was to go towards a Secret Society that had been formed. This Secret Society had as its goal the protection and supremacy of the British Empire throughout the world, and Quigley named it ‘the Milner Group’ after one of its most important members, Alfred Milner. Quigley also writes that this Secret Society could also be called ‘The Round Table Group’, and is one of ‘the most important historical facts of the twentieth century’. As the saying goes ‘the sun never set on the British Empire…’

Carroll Quigley said that the money was left to establish the ‘Rhodes Scholarships’, which would be used to train young people to serve the Society. He also said that Lord Nathan Rothschild (1840-1915) was a member of this Round Table Society – and it’s the Rothschild family that I want to focus on in this blog.

The Rothschilds are an international banking dynasty, which can be traced back to Germany of the early 1700s, where they were known as the ‘Bauers’. In 1743 a goldsmith named Amschel Moses Bauer opened a coin shop in Frankfurt, Germany, and hung above his door a sign depicting a Roman eagle on a red shield. The shop became known as the Red Shield firm. The German word for 'red shield' is ‘Rothschild’ – hence their next family name. Amschel had 5 sons who he trained to further expand the family business of banking.

The shield that heralded the name that would become synonymous with international financial power - Rothschild

Over time, the Rothschild dynasty became hugely powerful, especially in England. As I wrote in a previous blog:

‘Nathan Rothschild financed British forces, led by Lord Wellington, against Napoleon. However, a Rothschild agent was the first to relay the news of Wellington’s victory over Napoleon specifically to Rothschild. Rothschild then put out the rumour to the London Stock Exchange that Napoleon had in fact won, and as a result stocks plummeted. This then allowed Rothschild to buy up much of the British economy. However, when it later came out that the British had indeed won, the stocks soared up again, and Rothschild therefore dominated the soaring British economy. The Rothschilds have enjoyed incredible influence and power ever since.’

Various historical researchers and authors since Quigley have indeed agreed with his conclusions about this manipulative Secret Society, and as I have detailed in previous blogs, it is indeed true that a powerful ‘Elite’ class of the world use various Secret Societies to affect and steer world events in their favour. It is also worth pointing out that this ‘Round Table Group’ appears to have as their goal the supremacy of the tyrannical aspects of the British Empire – the authoritarianism of the British Empire prior to the signing of the Magna Carta (which established basic Human Rights for British citizens). I’m talking about the British Empire that was ruled by hereditary Elite, and where any citizens who speak out against those Elite are brutally murdered and/or tortured in torture dungeons. Remember, the British Empire was the most far-reaching and expansive empire in recorded history, coming fairly close to having total world rule – a World Dictatorship with a unified World State.

Carroll Quigley wrote that this ‘Milner Group’ – The Round Table Secret Society – established various front groups, organisations, and ‘Think-Tanks’, who certainly have supported our modern authoritarian Big-Brother government policies, and our move towards world unification and ‘globalisation’. He wrote that these groups and think-tanks are run by an ‘inner-core’ – the Round Table agents – while the majority of attendants at the meetings and discussions are merely unsuspecting ‘outsiders’ who are used to implement its goals.

The groups he said they established for this end were:

The Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) or ‘Chatham House’:

Round Table members met at the Versailles Peace Conference in Paris in 1919 after World War One and decided to establish a ‘think-tank’ to debate and discuss various issues on UK foreign policy, and use the mass of participants at the discussions to further their agenda of world control. They founded the ‘Royal Institute of International Affairs’ (RIIA) in London, which has served their purpose ever since. The RIIA, or ‘Chatham House’ as it has become known, is very secretive, and operates under what has become known as the ‘Chatham House Rule’ – no one present at the discussions can talk about any of the discussions outside of Chatham House. The meetings are attended by people of influence in media, politics, education, and commerce, but the actual membership list is kept secret from anyone on the outside. Most people there are oblivious to the existence of the Round Table, except of course for the inner-core members of Chatham House, who are themselves Round Table agents.
The ‘Director of Studies’ at Chatham House, Arnold Toynbee, said in 1931, ‘We are at present working, discreetly with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called [national] sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of the world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.’
Basically: ‘I am part of a secretive cabal seeking to get rid of independent nations in favour of unified world governance. Never mind what the people want, what WE want is best – authoritarian world governance, British-style’

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR):

The Council on Foreign Relations was, shortly after it’s founding in 1919, completely controlled by members of the Round Table as a ‘sister-organisation’ of Chatham House in the US, basically the American version of the RIIA. It works in pretty much the same way as Chatham House, but is slightly less secretive – the membership list is public, and as a result, we know who in the American establishment is a member and who is not. The CFR has dominated Washington since it’s founding, and also has hugely influential members in the worlds of media, banking, and business. On May 1st of 2008, the CFR launched its ‘International Institutions and Global Governance Program’ – a program geared towards, as the title states, management and governance of the planet. The program identifies several ‘global issues’ that require a system of world governance, such as environmental issues, terrorism, the global economy and energy. The project also states that a system of ‘universal membership’ could be pursued to solve the problems, or alternatively a regional organization, such as the European Union model – that is, a framework of world government. It states:
‘In each of these spheres, the program will consider whether the most promising framework for governance is a formal organization with universal membership (e.g., the United Nations); a regional or sub-regional organization; a narrower, informal coalition of like-minded countries; or some combination of all three.’
Only 2 years previously, the president of the CFR Richard N Haas, Obama’s State Department Special Envoy, had stated in an article called ‘Sovereignty and Globalisation’ that all nations must ‘weaken [national] sovereignty in order to protect themselves’ and that we must ‘find a balance between a world of fully sovereign states and an international system of either world government or anarchy’. Is the inner-core of the CFR pushing the Round Table Elite’s agenda of authoritarian world governance? You bet.

(…and more recently:)

The Bilderberg Group:

The Bilderberg group is a hugely secretive and hugely powerful annual meeting that takes place in various places across the world (usually Europe), and is a major vehicle for the Round Table agenda. The first Bilderberg meeting was arranged in 1954 by MAJOR ‘globalists’ and Round Table agents, and acts in very much the same way as the CFR or Chatham House, but is much more high-profile. The Rothschild family have been deeply involved in the Bilderberg Group since its creation, and Bilderberg’s own documents were revealed by a BBC investigation that showed that they were mostly behind the creation of the Euro. As I wrote in a previous blog:

‘It consists of around a hundred or so of the most powerful people in the world: major corporate CEOs and presidents; heads of media, banking and finance; royalty; leading politicians, etc…The Bilderberg conferences are attended by a regular ‘inner-core’ of members…while ‘outer-members’ get less-frequent invites (who include major heads of media, top professors at leading universities, journalists, heads of military, etc)’
‘One reason you’ve probably never heard of such a group before is that the media is mostly owned by Bilderberg – so it never gets in the papers….The only notable exception I can think of is Charlie Skelton reporting on the Bilderberg conference last year for the Guardian newspaper…Veteran, renegade journalist Jim Tucker, who has been tirelessly researching and reporting on Bilderberg for over 30 years, says that ‘Bilderberg’s plan for the whole world is nothing less than World Government’. And that would seem to be exactly the case. In an article published in the Financial Times of London, called ‘and now for a world government’, columnist Gideon Rachman makes a case for a controlling world government. And, lo and Behold, it turns out the Financial Times is edited by Bilderberg attendee, Martin Wolf. Towards the end of the column, Rachman sneers: “International governance tends to be effective, only when it is anti-democratic”’

The Trilateral Commission:

The Trilateral Commission was founded in 1975 by Round Table agents David Rockefeller (CFR, Bilderberg attendee) and polish-born Zbigniew Brzezinski (CFR, Bilderberg) with contributions from the Council on Foreign Relations. Brzezinski wrote in the New York Times in 1990 that Europe should follow a policy ‘founded upon the grand concept of a trans-European commonwealth with the European Community at it’s core, but embracing Central Europe and being open also to eventual association with the Soviet Union’ – so as you can see these Round Table types have been deeply involved in the European Union. The Trilateral Commission has members that include hundreds of prominent people from the worlds of banking, business, and politics from each of three regions – Europe, North America, and Pacific Asia – hence ‘Trilateral’. It works very similarly to the CFR and Chatham House with the inner-core Round Table agents directing discussions and outsiders following along to the agenda unwittingly.

(…Also worth mentioning:)

The Fabian Society:

There are other forums and debating societies that these Elites use to discuss various aspects of their world governance agenda outside of the Round Table groups, and the Fabian Society is a major one of these. It was founded in 1884 in London and over time became a semi-secret debating society for prominent intellectuals from the ‘left’ of the spectrum who supported the move towards world management and governance by an Elite. The British intellectual, prolific author, and eugenicist, H G Wells, was a member for a time, as was intellectual and author Bertrand Russell. Both of them publicly wrote on various occasions that they supported a scientific World Government to rule the nations of the world, and in fact Russell even suggested in ‘The Impact of Science on Society’ that it might be a dictatorial scientific World Government. The brothers, Aldous Huxley and Julian Huxley, were also members, and eugenicist Julian would later help establish the United Nations education program UNESCO as part of a global education system. Aldous Huxley admitted in interviews that his novel about a scientific authoritarian World State, ‘Brave New World’, was actually based on what the Elite were planning to bring in. Another prominent Fabian, and a name you should remember for later, was George Bernard Shaw, who was a supporter of eugenics, and publicly praised dictators such as Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler.
The Fabian Society was named after the Roman General Quintus Fabius Maximus, whose strategies advocated tactics of slow, tip-toe warfare – carefully maintaining your endurance and energy while slowly wearing down and picking away at your enemy. The Elites agenda is carried out in this way – carefully, cautiously, and with tip-toe methods, not openly with full vulgarity.

The Fabian Coat of Arms – a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing…

These are some of the institutions the Round Table have established and used as means to their re-establishment of a dictatorial world-wide regime. They are hugely powerful; if you look at the corporate membership list of the CFR you will notice names like GlaxoSmithKline, Nike, Google, General Electric, IBM, British Petroleum, etc, and a brief gaze of past attendees of the Bilderberg Group reveals leadership of global corporations such as Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Google, Novartis, Eli Lilly, Royal Dutch Shell, etc. Many of these kinds of global corporations then go and pillage the world of its resources in a neo-imperialistic fashion, with no regard whatsoever for national independence and sovereignty. For example, they would do this by using third world slave-labour (paid for a pittance) to make their products, while selling those products for extortionate amounts in the wealthier nations. As some case studies of this, you could study Bechtel privatising Bolivia’s water supply, Wal-Mart using Chinese slave-labour, or Nike using Indonesian sweat-shops. The global corporations team up with international institutions set up largely by Elite globalists, such as the US-dominated World Bank and European-dominated IMF (both co-founded by Fabian socialist and eugenicist John Maynard Keynes) and the World Trade Organisation. This global neo-imperialism is of course the unfolding of the Elite’s world governance system.
The hugely influential Rockefeller family have been major Round Table agents in the US, and the United Nations (which is a tip-toe towards world governance) was built on Rockefeller-donated land.

These Roundtable Elites desire to divide the world up into centralised regions through which they can then manage the planet – such as the European Union and the North American Union.

The European Union:

As I mentioned previously, the European Union (EU) has largely been the creation of the Round Table group (Carroll Quigley’s ‘Milner Group’) – A BBC investigation unearthed Bilderberg documents from 1955 that outlined a plan for a single European currency. That plan obviously came to fruition, hence the ‘Euro’. Remember, the plan is dictatorial world management – a million times easier with a single European currency, and world super-states like the EU ruling over nation states. In fact, a former Soviet Union dissident went public in 2006 stating that
he believes the European Union is becoming another ‘Soviet Union’. The 63-year-old Vladimir Bukovsky referred to confidential documents from secret Soviet files which he was allowed to read in 1992. These documents confirm the existence of a ‘conspiracy’ to turn the European Union into what he calls a ‘totalitarian state’.
The European Union currently has a project underway to create an EU-wide surveillance system dedicated to continuous tracking and monitoring of all ‘web sites, discussion forums, usenet groups, file servers, p2p networks [and] individual computer systems’. The project is called ‘Project Indect’, and is intended to also use CCTV feeds and other surveillance methods to develop models of ‘suspicious behaviour’ in citizens of the EU, by analyzing the pitch of people’s voices (suggesting that private conversations will be recorded) as well as ‘the way their bodies move’. I hope you’re starting to understand the scale and reality of this Round Table agenda, because it’s serious business.

The new President of the European Union declares that 2009 marks the first year of world-management and ‘Global Governance’

The North American Union:

The North American Union (NAU) has been proposed and stealthily implemented for more than 5 years now, intended to become the American counterpart of the EU. In 2006, public interest group Judicial Watch managed to obtain documents from a secret meeting held in Waco, Texas, that was launched by US President Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and Prime Minister of Canada Paul Martin, called the ‘North American partnership’ meeting. According to Judicial Watch, the documents reveal that the meeting revolved around the secretive and controversial Security and Prosperity Partnership between the 3 countries, and that at that meeting:

‘the partnership’s ‘working groups’ include government and business leaders from the United States, Mexico and Canada, who are addressing a variety of topics, including movement of goods between countries, traveller security, energy, environment and health. Proponents of the partnership claim its purpose is to increase security and prosperity for all three nations through enhanced cooperation. Critics maintain the partnership will sacrifice U.S. sovereignty by establishing a “North American Union,” with open borders and a common currency.’

A year later, Judicial Watch also managed to obtain documents from US Northern Command (NORTHCOM). They revealed that NORTHCOM Commander, Admiral Timothy Keating, NORTHCOM Political Advisor Deborah Bolton, and Plans, Policy & Strategy Director Major General Mark Volcheff attended a meeting of the ‘North American Forum’ at the Banff Springs Hotel in Banff, Canada on September 12-14, 2006. They also discussed the Security and Prosperity Partnerships, and stated that the North American Union would be brought about through ‘evolution by stealth’.

News clip from CNN Host Lou Dobbs on the ‘Orwellian’ North American Union

This is not a plan for supremacy of the country ‘Britain’ – it is the plan for an international world order of global control with hereditary international Elites dominating the peoples of the world, a much more modern and sophisticated ‘British Empire’. As Carroll Quigley wrote in ‘Tragedy and Hope’:

‘The powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences. The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks, which were themselves private corporations’

Only about a month before the time of writing this blog, the head of the European Central Bank, Jean-Claude Trichet, announced in a speech before the Council on Foreign Relations in the US that a model of ‘global governance’ should be imposed, headed by the Bank for International Settlements mentioned in the previous quote. One of the main themes of his speech was ‘global governance’, and he said the Elite should enforce ‘a set of rules, institutions, informal groupings and cooperation mechanisms that we call “global governance”’.

The plan of the Round Table is unfolding before our eyes.

Also, this is not all some natural outgrowth of Capitalism, it is ‘Globalism’ – the Elite are monopolists who do not desire open competition, they want to win the ‘game’ before it’s even begun. What we call ‘globalisation’ is a part of this ‘Globalism’ Quigley wrote about.

The first human civilisations were formed by human beings working together – in games strategy it’s called ‘Tit-for-Tat’, which basically means ‘if you hurt me, I’ll hurt you back – if you help me, I’ll help you back’. Humans basically found that working together is much more productive and fun than killing each other, and produces greater chances of survival for all. As the saying goes: ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours.’
However, after this phase, psychopathic personalities got involved in this ‘civilisation’ malark, and the first dictatorships were born. The dictionary definition of a ‘psychopath’ reads: ‘somebody affected with a personality disorder marked by aggressive, violent, antisocial behaviour and a lack of remorse or empathy’ – so as you can imagine, they rose to positions of power, since they can make cold-blooded decisions about human life and all those decisions will be geared towards meticulously getting more power for themselves. And the smarter the psychopath, the more powerful he, or she, will become.

These psychopathic personalities became leaders of large civilisations, and this is where cold-blooded conquest-and-empire comes from. Instead of ‘you scratch my back, I scratch yours’ as it is with the likes of us, with them it’s ‘you scratch my back, now go fight my wars – I AM YOUR LEADER!’

It is these kinds of personalities that were behind some of the biggest tyrannies of history – such as the Soviet Union, Communist China, Nazi Germany, the tyranny of the British Empire, etc, and this current move to world control by the families of the Round Table.

What the Elite are aiming for is a kind of global cartel, or global monopoly – a unified world whereby all resources and government policies are controlled by a small clique of wealthy families from the worlds of business, industry, finance, and politics. All the peoples of the world would then answer to this world authority – the cartel composed of these super-powerful families.

Henry Kissinger (CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral), Alan Greenspan (CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral), Bill Gates (Bilderberg), George H W Bush (CFR, Trilateral), and many other ‘pillars’ of the supposedly independent United States have all received knighthoods of the British Empire, which of course would be due to their efforts in fighting for the bloodthirsty House of Windsor/Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and the tyrannical ‘British’ Empire in it’s covert modern form. Remember, in the British armed forces, you swear an oath of allegiance to ‘Queen and country’, which means something different to ‘the British people’…

Wouldn’t it be nice if the US had a president with a backbone?

Mayor of New York on 9/11 Rudy Giuliani is awarded a knighthood of the British Empire by the Queen – must be because of his incredible leadership skills in preventing the horrific attacks

Now, the Rothschild family are towards the heart of this stuff, and they might be a Jewish family, but it is NOT a ‘Jewish conspiracy’ – the Round Table group do NOT favour Jews, blacks, Asians, whites, or any particular group of people bar themselves.

In fact, some agents of the Round Table Group, towards the outside, have hated Jews – for example, American eugenics-supporter Henry Ford, who Hitler admired. Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company and the tax-exempt Ford Foundation, and provided industry for the Nazi Party in Germany during World War II, despite the fact that the US was at war with them.

Henry Ford, who Adolf Hitler drew inspiration from, hated Jewish people. He founded the Ford Foundation, which has assisted the agenda of the Elite and the Round Table

Round Table support of Nazi Germany came in the form of financial backing – The Bush family funded the Nazi regime through the Union Banking Corporation (UBC). As John Loftus, president of the Florida Holocaust Museum, told the Sarasota Reading Festival in 2001 in a speech he delivered there: ‘that’s where the Bush family fortune came from: it came from the Third Reich’. The Rockefeller family also provided financial support for the Nazis by funding the work of Ernst Rudin, one of the foremost Nazi ‘racial hygienists’, at Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics, Anthropology, and Human Heredity. Edward the VIII, the British monarch, publicly supported Hitler, and the British Royal Family went to visit him in 1937.

Remember the Fabian, George Bernard Shaw? He was indeed a supporter of the eugenics movement that inspired the Nazis, and he personally made suggestions that certain weak, burdensome people should be quietly exterminated in gas-chambers years BEFORE the Nazi party had begun doing such things in Germany.

Remember, the Nazi Party were originally simply a fascist party driven by an ideology of eugenics – rigid racial hierarchy, authoritarianism, and the massacre of dissenters were all characteristics of the tyranny of the British Empire, what the Round Table are seeking to create . It was after the Nazis began openly announcing ‘we’re going to take over the world’ and began implementing their policies in a fast, no-holds-barred fashion that the war broke out. The Elite favour careful tip-toe methods – the Fabian way – not quick-and-fast ‘do-what-we-say-now-or-die’ methods.

Based on my understanding of all this, I also do not believe it is really a ‘conspiracy’ – these people believe that to bring the world under their control would be one of the best things they could do for us all, a dream I’m sure has been shared by many dictators throughout history.

Memory note no. 2 – what is 'Democracy' anyway?


‘Democracy is the recurrent suspicion that more than half of the people are right more than half of the time.’ – Elwyn Brooks White, in ‘The New Yorker’, 1943

‘Democracy substitutes election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few’ - George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman, page 182, 1903


As I have explained, these Elite families have great control over western politics, and the UK is of course no exception. What they tend to do is make sure that they own and control all major candidates in elections. As this article explains, the Rothschild family have had great influence over politics for over 200 years now, and have enormous control of both Peter Mandelson (the real power of the Labour Party) and George Osborne of the Conservative Party – so they really can’t lose when it comes to elections. They also provided support for John McCain’s presidential campaign. The article from the Independent says:

‘Political donations from overseas are also illegal in the US, where John McCain's campaign team is under investigation for allegedly accepting a benefit in kind from two mega-rich British citizens, namely Nat Rothschild and his father, Jacob, the Fourth Baron Rothschild. In April, Mr McCain passed through London and spoke at a fund-raising dinner for expatriate Americans…What caught the eye of Judicial Watch, a Washington-based foundation dedicated to combating corruption, was that the event was held "by kind permission of Lord Rothschild and Hon Nathaniel Rothschild" at the family home in Spencer House, St James's’

Round Table agents backed and controlled Obama, McCain, and Sarah Palin (all of which have blue-blood connections to Europe) in the recent US Presidential Election – so you see, they couldn’t fail to get into power. They own all the horses in the race!

These super-powerful families then use the media, such as the BBC, ABC News, CBS, Fox News, etc, to only give favourable coverage to the candidates that they want to get into the final race for the presidency/premiership.
For example, in September of 2009, former director-general of the BBC, Greg Dyke, told a Liberal Democrat Party conference that there is a ‘conspiracy’ between the BBC and the UK Government in Westminster. He said major changes he had wanted to make to the BBC's coverage of politics when he was director-general had been blocked, and that the Labour Party and the BBC ‘are part of one Westminster conspiracy’ which came to his attention mostly after the white-wash ‘Hutton Inquiry’ into the suspicious death of David Kelly.

This is exactly the way it works with the media, especially considering how major names in politics, media, and royalty all meet up at the Bilderberg Group and such, and discuss world events. Public attention and favour is directed towards certain potential Presidents and Prime Ministers through the media, and the unsuspecting, mostly unconscious public never realise that they are being manipulated to vote for candidates that have been chosen for them! Under the old British imperialism it was – ‘we will decide who rules you, so you will do as we tell you!’ under modern-day democracy (hidden empire) it is – ‘we’ve given you the right to choose who rules you, so you are free to choose between who we have decided to rule you!’

‘I talk democracy to these men and women. I tell them that they have the vote, and that theirs is the kingdom and the power and the glory. I say to them, “you are supreme: exercise your power”. They say, “That's right – tell us what to do”, and I tell them. I say, “Exercise your vote intelligently by voting for me”. And they do. That's democracy; and a splendid thing it is too for putting the right men in the right place.’ – George Bernard Shaw

As the quote from Edward Bernays says at the beginning of this blog, ‘the conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society’ – that’s what democracy means – public opinion is moulded by the Elite in favour of whoever the Elite have decided will be Prime Minister/President, as this article explains.

I guess in principle democracy could work, but in practice there are a lot of serious flaws with it. It is of course better than open tyranny, and it would help if we didn’t have inbred dynasties trying to take over the world and mould public opinion, but that still doesn’t mean it’s the cure for all our ills. In my view, a Republic works a fair bit better, and I suppose a system of proportional representation in the UK would reflect public opinion a bit better, but that still doesn’t change the fact that public opinion is being artificially moulded by the Elite. The sleeping masses of the UK are mostly completely unaware of the Elite and their agenda, so in practice, our democracy simply doesn’t keep us a free country.

We might see Tony Blair or David Cameron in the headlines of the newspapers, about how ‘they’ decided to go war, how ‘they’ are keeping the economy in shape, etc, with a big blown-up image of their face on the front page, but we rarely hear about what’s going on in the background behind them.

Presidents and Prime-Ministers are like a brand logo – like the ‘M’ of MacDonald’s or the ‘goddess’ symbol of Starbucks.
Another analogy might be a singer like Britney Spears or something – she is the one singing the songs, but her songs are mostly written FOR her to perform by another musician employed by her Recording Label. Her stage-shows are also managed by her Label, and the Label’s management transport her from place to place to do interviews and performances in places THEY have mostly decided – the guys ‘behind-the-scenes’. You see HER face on the magazines and you might think it’s HER idea, but mostly it’s the management working behind the scenes. She just sings off the song-sheet written FOR her, so to speak.

By the way, I’m not bashing Britney Spears; I’m just describing how Prime-Ministers and Presidents are stage-managed and mostly used as ‘fronts’ for the Global Elite.

Whoever you vote for, they’re all stage-managed by the same Global Elite

It’s like a magician’s trick – he keeps you focused and intrigued by something he’s doing with his right hand, and so you never look at the background and see what he’s doing with his left hand, and it looks like he’s performed some miraculous feat. People then gasp in awe ‘wow, look at how powerful he is!’, but it’s all a big trick, it’s an illusion.
What the Elite do is keep you focused on Tony Blair or George Bush or someone, while the guys in the background – the Prime Minister’s aides, allies, and masters – go about running the country. Then you gasp in awe (or horror) at how ‘Gordon Brown’, or ‘David Cameron’, or ‘Barack Obama’, or ‘Bill Clinton’, etc, are running the country. And you demand someone new instead.

The idea is that the masses of people never realise that it doesn’t matter what face (Brown, Blair, Bush, Clinton, Cameron, Obama, etc) is voted for – the ‘Corporation’ or ‘Elite’ BEHIND the face go on doing what they did before.

The days of obedience to authoritarian monarchs and Elites have never gone away.

A video explaining how the Elite control politics

Memory Note no. 3 - the 3-party scam


In Britain, we have a ‘3-party-system’ – the only guys that ever get in government are either the Liberal Democrat Party, the Labour Party, or the Conservative Party – the Lib-Lab-Con parties. What you need to remember for this memory note is that ALL 3 of these parties are controlled by the Elite and sing off the song-sheet written for them by that Elite. You think it’s 3 parties, but really it’s just one party – the Lib-Lab-Con party. It’s a Lib-Lab-Con SCAM – a Lib-Lab-CON – and it appears that they’re all different, but when push comes to shove on the issues that matter to the Elite, they’re all the same. They might fight amongst each other a bit, but really they’re all having their strings pulled by the Elite, as I shall now explain…


Probably the most frequently-cited source on the background of David Cameron is a book called ‘Cameron: Rise of the New Conservative’ by biographers Francis Elliot and James Hanning, which is my main source for this section. I have also used as a source the television documentary ‘Cameron: Toff at the Top’ by Conservative columnist and author Peter Hitchens. Hitchens says in the documentary that he believes the Conservative Party (Tory Party) has been taken over by an ‘elite’ who really have no care of Conservative philosophy at all and are instead working with the other parties with no real political differences. I would agree, except that this ‘elite’ are answering to much more powerful dynasties and families that I described in the first memory-note – the real ‘Elite’ of the Round Table. The families and their lineage are very important, which is why I will be focusing on the genealogy and lineage of some of these people.

Our current Prime Minister, and leader of the Conservative Party, David Cameron, was brought up in Peasmore in Newbury, where he had a very privileged upbringing.
His privileged upbringing makes sense when you realise the background to his family – both his father’s and his mother’s side have a privileged and aristocratic heritage. The family his mother comes from is called the ‘Mount’ family, and they have belonged to the British establishment for a very long time. Cameron’s great-great-great-grandfather on his mothers’ side, William Mount, was an MP for an Isle of Wight seat and had considerable wealth. William Mount’s son, William George Mount, was an MP for Newbury; in turn, William George Mount’s son, William Arthur Mount, was educated at Eton and Oxford, two very elite schools. William Arthur Mount’s son also attended Eton and Oxford, and, as we shall see, David Cameron (William Arthur Mount’s grandson) also attended both Eton and Oxford.
On his father’s side, David Cameron’s great-great-grandma, Lady Agnes Duff (whose parents were the 5th Earl of Fife and Lady Agnes Hay) had a son called Duff Cooper, who became Sir Winston Churchill’s Minister of Information during WWII. The Minister of Information was the title for the head of the Ministry of Information, a war-time propaganda-outlet (and which I will come to later) and this is certainly fitting, considering Cameron would later spend time as a corporate spin-doctor.

David Cameron also happens to be distantly descended from King William IV, which makes him a fifth cousin, twice removed, from the Queen of England. The British Royal family might be called the ‘Windsors’, but they are actually a German family that go by the name of ‘Saxe-Coburg-Gotha’, and the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, is the current head of that family. This means David Cameron has some definite blue-blood ancestry…

David Cameron is also very distantly related to his fellow Conservative (and mayor of London) Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson’s genealogy was investigated on the TV programme ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ in 2008, and it was discovered that Boris is descended from Adelheid, Baroness de Pfeffel. Boris’ full name is ‘Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’, and his name-sake ancestor, Adelheid, Baroness de Pfeffel, was an illegitimate daughter of Prince Paul of Württemberg, who himself was great-great-grandson of King George II. Since King George II was also Dave’s greatx8-grandfather that makes Dave and Boris both distant cousins.
It was Boris Johnson who suggested earlier this year that all 16-year-olds in Britain should be forced to take compulsory national service. ‘It might have a military side. The military are keen to get involved’ he said.
The man has a love of the ancient world, nobility, Percales, the Roman Emperors – that sort of thing – so I suppose it’s quite fitting that he too has blue-blood ancestry.

According to The Sun, Tory Andrews (an amateur genealogist) has discovered that David Cameron is also related to fellow politician from the ‘opposing’ Labour Party, Harriet Harman. Allegedly, Tony Andrews stumbled across the fact that Harriet Harman’s aunt — Elizabeth Harman — married Cameron’s great uncle — Frank Pakenham, the 7th Earl of Longford. Harriet Harman also has a ‘posh’ background – she is the niece of the late Countess of Longford.

When I say that we are being ruled by a network of inbreeding families, I ain’t joking!

Heatherdown prep-school

These kinds of families tend to send their children to what are called ‘prep-schools’, or ‘boarding schools’, which are usually very strict and harsh. These schools prepare the next generation for leadership/service in the establishment, and, usually, the more elite the prep-school, the more heavy the indoctrination and strictness.
Cameron is no exception, and he was sent to Heatherdown Prep-school in Berkshire at the age of 8, and stayed there until he was 13. A former master at the school said it was ‘the most select school in the country’, and you would think it would be – both Prince Andrew and Prince Edward went there.


After Heatherdown, the next step for Cameron was to attend the ‘public’-school at Eton, where he went from the age of 13 to 18. These ‘public’-schools are actually incorrectly named since they are actually private fee-paying schools and are basically the British equivalent of the American ‘Ivy League’ schools, which wealthy families like the Bushes attend. These ‘public’-schools are the next step in the preparation after prep-schools – the school at Eton that Cameron attended has produced nineteen (now twenty) Prime-Ministers, and is where the royal children go. They are bred for a future of ‘running the country’, as the Channel 4 documentary ‘How Boris Met Dave’ described it. Boris Johnson also attended Eton at the same time as Cameron, and they did indeed meet each other while there.
The author Nick Fraser said in that particular documentary that ‘Etonians’, as they are known, are the ultimate pragmatists interested chiefly in power – and this is a quirk that appears in Cameron’s character time and time again. Robin Harris, Cameron’s first boss and former Director of the Conservative Research Department, described Cameron as such: ‘I don’t think that in any shape or form he could be described as a Conservative in philosophical terms. He has no principal sense of direction; his only sense of direction is upwards. The opportunism he displays is deplorable. I don’t think one should aspire to lead Britain on the basis of day-to-day opinion polls, but that is how he…I fear, would conduct himself if he were ever in number 10 Downing Street.’

Cameron is now in 10 Downing Street, and it certainly appears he has never had a real ‘Conservative philosophy’. Literary critic and contemporary of Cameron at Eton, James Wood, said: I don’t recall [Cameron] being involved in any political activity at Eton’. Cameron’s English Teacher at Eton, Jeff Branch, also said that Cameron never seemed to show any interest in politics, and he also seems to fit the description of Etonians given by author Nick Fraser. According to his unofficial biographers, someone who met him on a school holiday, around his early adolescence, said he was ‘a typical Etonian, and nothing like as funny as he thought himself’. Also according to his biographers, the mother of an associate of his said Cameron told her ‘women have the intellectual span of a gnat’ – and this arrogance I am highlighting here seems like another quirk of his character. A conservative who has known Cameron since Eton is alleged to have said ‘he’s hugely arrogant’ and another contemporary of his at Eton said he had a talent for impressing those who matter. He also is described as having a ‘steely-drive’ and Rupert Dilnott-Cooper, who worked with him at Carlton Television, said ‘I’m confident that he would be capable of being as ruthless as he needs to be [to be successful in politics]’. He’s starting to sound quite like Nick Fraser’s description of the ‘ultimate pragmatists interested chiefly in power’ now, isn’t he? Etonians are known to be ruthlessly competitive, so his ‘steely-drive’ and pragmatism would make sense.
He also seems to have developed a timely interest in the subject of Politics just before A-levels.

Now, I am highlighting more negative aspects of his character in order to understand where he is today, but I’m sure David Cameron is not really too bad a person. We all have darker sides of ourselves, and it’s those ‘dark-sides’ that the Elite families like to exploit and use as leverage to get people to assist their goals, as they do with David Cameron.

In all, Cameron seems to have fitted-in well at Eton; he was reportedly a bit of a ‘non-entity’ there, but was fairly easy-going, very sociable, and, after his change of direction, the subject of Politics became his forte.


The next logical step in his upbringing into the British establishment was to attend Brasenose College at Oxford University in 1985, where he studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics for 3 years. Boris Johnson also attended Oxford University, and the two would rub shoulders a few times there once again.
It seems that since being at Oxford, Cameron has attempted to keep himself clean of any potential future ‘scandals’, which again appears to be his ambition and goal-oriented mind. Is this his ‘ultimate pragmatist’ coming out, perhaps? He was also reportedly known by various people at Oxford for turning on the ‘charm’ with certain people, to stay as part of the ‘in’ crowd.

Cameron would not be involved in student politics at all at Oxford; in fact, his contemporary Giles Andrae (Worcester College, 1985-88) said that he had no idea whether or not Cameron wanted to pursue a career in politics, and still really doesn’t now. Writer and Oxford-ian James Delingpole also agreed – he said that Cameron didn’t really seem into politics at all.
The only society Cameron was active in at Oxford was the ‘Bullingdon Dining Club’ – and quite an elitist and aristocratic society that is, too.

The Bullingdon Dining Club – Cameron is photographed standing with Boris Johnson, a future partner at Goldman Sachs, and various other snobbery gentle-folk

The Bullingdon Dining Club is a club known for being populated by aristocratic, elitist bullies, and for their vast boozy dinners and debauched shenanigans. The ‘Buller’ saw themselves as being in a class of their own, and were inclined to revel in the antagonism they provoked in others. Needless to say, David Cameron was not one for the wilder side of the Buller, but it is known that at one point Boris Johnson is supposed to have thrown a plant-pot through a shop window as part of some typical, ritual Bullingdon-carnage.
The club has had as members Edward VII, Sebastian Grigg (a partner at Goldman Sachs), Boris Johnson, Cameron’s fellow Conservative George Osborne, and Nathanial Rothschild, to name just a few. It is believed that George Osborne and Nathaniel Rothschild developed their friendship at Bullingdon, and this would be the beginnings of a very important relationship between George Osborne and the Rothschild family that I will come to later.

(1) George Osborne, (2) Harry Mount, (3) Chris Coleridge, (4) Lupus von Maltzahn, (5) Mark Petre (6) Peter Holmes a Court, (7) Nat Rothschild, (8) Jason Gissing

As you can see in the above photo of Bullingdon, it appears that this particular image has been edited or ‘photo-shopped’. The exact reasons for this remain a mystery, but it appears that two figures have been deleted or edited out in some way, where the two circles are. Mark Petre appears to be leaning on thin air…

The club abides by the law of ‘Omerta’, and has wild, bizarre initiation rituals. No women are permitted to join.

The subject of ‘Politics’ at Oxford is known for being very hardening and vicious, and this certainly must have allowed Cameron to sharpen his wit and controlled-viciousness, which are of course necessary for a career in politics.

At Oxford, Cameron managed his time with ruthless efficiency and a remarkable degree of self-discipline. He also stayed psychologically anchored to his upbringing. Reportedly, he didn’t really have what is considered an ‘average’ time at Oxford, I would guess because he seems to have kept himself more reserved in case of any scandals in the future. He acquired a First in the summer of his third year, and was proud of his achievement.

Smith Square Conservative Research Department

After graduating from Oxford, Cameron’s next step was to move into a job for the Conservative Party at the Conservative Research Department (CRD), which was at the time located in Smith Square in Westminster, London. The CRD’s Director (and Cameron’s first boss) Robin Harris told Conservative broadcaster Peter Hitchens: ‘by that late 80’s, a lot of people were coming into the Conservative Party…who saw it as a way of advancing their careers. They weren’t necessarily highly motivated…I would say that [Cameron] fitted into that broad category.’
However, his political career did not begin like most others at that time – it began with some judicious prodding from no less than Buckingham Palace.

The CRD’s Deputy Director explains it this way: ‘Shortly before David Cameron’s interview, the telephone rang. The voice announced that it was calling from Buckingham Palace. Its tone was distinctly grand. The person on the other end of the line said, “I understand that you are to see David Cameron…I am ringing to tell you that you are about to meet a truly remarkable young man”’
The identity of the caller remains a mystery, and some have suggested it was an equerry to the Queen Mother, but no one knows for sure.

The CRD was very important to Cameron’s development. It was here that he made a number of important contacts, like his fellow Eton/Oxford graduate, Ed Llewellyn, and fellow Oxford-ian Ed Vaizey. He also met a woman called Rachel Whetstone, who would be very prominent in his future; last, but most definitely not least, he met a young PR-man called Steven Hilton.

Steven Hilton, a product of Christ’s Hospital School and Oxford, is a part of the REAL ‘power-behind-the-throne’, and appears to be an asset of the Elite that works behind-the-scenes to run the Conservative Party. Oxford was and still is a major centre for the Round Table Group, and was named by Carroll Quigley as being so. It is also a centre for other secret societies. ‘Cameron does not say anything in public unless it has been “cleared” by Steven Hilton.’ said Andrew Pierce, assistant editor of the Daily Telegraph. ‘Hilton IS the shadow leader of the opposition.’ Cameron and Hilton would develop into a dynamic-duo after working together in the CRD, especially during the successful 1992 election campaign for John Major.

Other members of Cameron’s current inner-circle that have worked at the CRD include George Bridges and George Osborne – names to remember for later.

This ‘inner-circle’ from Cameron’s time at the CRD would become known as the ‘Brat-Pack’, and later on, the ‘Notting-Hill Set’. The Labour Party also had their version of the ‘Notting-Hill Set’ – the ‘Primrose-Hill Set’.
Now, it’s well known that there was a lot of ‘political flirtation’ between the Conservative’s ‘Notting-Hill Set’ and Labour’s ‘Primrose-Hill Set’, and in fact they were both just two parts of the same bloody thing. In public, it looks like their two different parties in their staged arguments on TV, but behind-the-scenes, they’re pretty much singing to the same tune. ‘I did get to know [the Primrose-Hill Set + Notting-Hill Set]’ said Derek Draper, former Labour Adviser. ‘There’s no speech made by these people [Labour’s Primrose-Hill Set] 5-10 years ago, where they were disagreeing with what the Conservative Party had become or was doing, and the reason for that is very simple – is because they didn’t!’

An ‘extraordinary’ number of Blair’s backroom-staff towards the end of his regime were actually on good terms with David Cameron. John McTernan was a former colleague of Cameron’s, and has called him ‘genuinely talented’. Ben Wegg-Prosser numbers Cameron in a circle of Tory friends that include ‘Notting-Hill’ types like Ed Vaizey and Steven Hilton. Blair’s former speech-writer Philip Collins has as his agent Tif Loehnis, wife of Cameron’s good Eton-Oxford friend, Dom Loehnis! They’re all the same bloody guys, at the end of the day!

In any case, in 1988 Cameron was taken on at the CRD and soon fitted his beliefs to his surroundings once again. At the CRD, he thrived on being ‘one of the gang’, and those outside his inner-circle said ‘he wasn’t charitably disposed to those who thought differently from him’ and ‘could be a little-sharp-tempered.’ Another said. ‘He saw it [staying with the ‘in’ crowd] as a way of making himself look good to make other people look stupid. He was a bombastic bully dismissive of those who didn’t agree with him.’

Broadcaster and Conservative party politician Michael Portillo once said of Cameron: ‘I have heard that he is not, sometimes, as nice in private as you might think, which is also something you hear about Blair.’ David Cameron is pretty much a Tony-Blair-Mark-II, and has been hailed as the true ‘heir-to-Blair’ by fellow Conservative Politician Michael Gove, who himself admits that he ‘admires’ Tony Blair – the former leader of the party he’s supposed to be opposing!

Says it all really…

Cameron’s first boss, Robin Harris, concluded of him: ‘I think David Cameron is an out-and-out opportunist…I don’t believe Cameron believes in anything’ – and that’s the truth of the guys in Downing Street, and behind-the-scenes, right now. All they really care about is getting power and attention from their bosses – the Elite.
At the CRD, Cameron gained a great insight into the behind-the-scenes working of British politics and Downing Street, especially from his involvement in what became known as ‘Black-Wednesday’. He also witnessed the successful Conservative campaign in the 1992 General Elections, and learned a great deal from it.


In 1992 the Cameron family went on a family-holiday to Tuscany (a favourite holiday location for Tony Blair and a centre for the Secret Society network unveiled in the P-2 Masonic scandal). It was here that Cameron met his future wife, Samantha Cameron, or as she was known back then, Samantha Sheffield. The two would later become man and wife in 1994. But who exactly is Samantha Cameron?

Samantha Cameron, or Samantha Sheffield as she was known back then, is no less than the current heiress to the Astor family-fortune. The Astor’s are a family that were named by Carroll Quigley as being VERY prominent in the Round Table Secret Society, and have a history of being involved with Freemasonry.
Samantha’s mother is a woman called Annabel Astor, Viscountess Astor. She was born Annabel Jones, the daughter of Timothy Jones and Pandora Clifford. Timothy attended both Eton and Oxford, and his parents were Sir Roderick Jones, who rose to become Chairman of Reuters, and author Enid Bagnold. Timothy married Pandora Clifford, a daughter of Sir Bede Clifford, GCMG (Order of St. Michael and St. John), CB (Order of the Bath), and former governor of Trinidad and Tobago. Pandora was also the god-daughter of the Duke of Windsor (Edward VIII, the Hitler-supporter), and had a strong Catholic upbringing. After having Annabel and a son, Pandora and Timothy divorced, and then in 1961 Pandora married Conservative Party politician and Etonian Michael Astor, 2nd Viscount Astor.
Samantha’s mother, Annabel, married Sir Reginald Sheffield, 8th Baronet, with whom she had Samantha.

Sir Reginald Sheffield, Samantha’s dad, has a lineage that can be traced back to the crusades, and of course inherited the hereditary title of 8th Baronet from his dad, the 7th Baronet. The 1st Baronet, an ancestor of Sir Reginald, was the illegitimate son of the 1st Duke of Buckingham and Normanby. The 3rd Baronet, Sir John Astley, married Eleanor Corbett, Grand-daughter of the 8th Duke of Albans. Tracing the genealogy back to the 1st Duke of St Albans, we find that he was one of two illegitimate sons of the actress Nell Gwynne and King Charles II. This means that, according to Cracroft’s Peerage, Samantha is the greatx8-grandaughter of King Charles II.
If you’ve been following me so far, you might ask ‘wait there, I thought David Cameron was descended from King James I?’ and this is true. David and Samantha are actually both distantly related – they are 11th cousins twice removed!

Among properties that Sir Reginald Sheffield’s family have owned is none other than Buckingham Palace, back when it was known only as ‘Buckingham House’.

Annabel divorced Sir Reginald after he had an affair with her friend Victoria, and went on to marry her step-father Michael Astor’s nephew, the Etonian, William Astor, 4th Viscount Astor. And this is how Cameron’s wife is heiress to the Round-Table-family Astor’s fortune.

Basically: Cameron is married into the heart of the Round Table.

Interestingly, Cameron’s Conservative inner-circle friend, Rachel Whetstone, would later become romantically-involved with Samantha’s step-father, William Astor.

Queen Anne’s Gate – Home Office

After Norman Lamont lost his place in 11 Downing Street in May of 1993, at the age of 26 Cameron lost his job he had there, and instead was taken on as a special adviser to the Home Office’s more junior ministers by Michael Howard, who had been made Home Secretary.

While working here, Cameron would join a right-wing Dining Club run by Martin Ivens, The Sunday Times Deputy Editor, known as the ‘Fellow Travellers’, and would once again thrive on being with the ‘in’ crowd, and fitted his personal beliefs to the crowd again. Journalist Alice Thompson once wrote of Cameron’s gang and generation: ‘If youth is oppositional, it should be natural for young people to search for an alternative to the status quo. In fact, they tend to go into Tory politics as a fast-track substitute for the civil service. There is no question of real spiritual commitment; they are impelled by an attraction to power.’ And Cameron certainly was climbing the shadowy ladder to ‘power’.

It was around this time that George Osborne, who had graduated last May from Oxford, was invited to apply for a job at the CRD, the Conservative Research Department, where Cameron had already been. Osborne was invited by his friend George Bridges, who is the grandson of Sir Edward Bridges, Winston Churchill’s cabinet secretary. Osborne was given the job that Cameron had performed in the political section, and his boss there was Rachel Whetstone.
George Osborne is akin to Steven Hilton in that he is a main-man in running things in the Conservative Party behind-the-scenes, and is a main part of the Conservative ‘inner-circle’. As I have already said, he has been very deeply involved with the Rothschild family, and has attended Rothschild-dominated Bilderberg Group meetings a number of times, which is most probably where he gets his orders. It was he and Peter Mandelson who attended Rupert Murdoch’s daughter’s 40th birthday party, which was hosted by the Rothschilds at their mansion in Corfu. The argument that transpired in the media between Nat Rothschild and Osborne may or may not have been staged, but I do pretty much know for sure that behind closed doors the Rothschilds and Osborne are on the same page and working together. Osborne knows better than to upset the Rothschild family.

Cameron had more experience behind-the-scenes while working in the Home Office, and was perfectly positioned to witness Labour and Tony Blair take government. He expanded his journalistic contacts, and gained more experience working with PR.

Carlton Communications

Cameron then went for a non-political job in order to launch a political career. Annabel Astor phoned a friend of hers, Chairman of Carlton Television, Michael Green, and asked him whether he would like to employ her daughter’s boyfriend. Green then gave Cameron a job as Carlton’s most senior communications executive.

It’s interesting that Cameron would come to work in propaganda and PR, and learn how public opinion is moulded – an ancestor of his called Duff Cooper was Winston Churchill’s Minister of Information, head of the Ministry of Information. The Ministry of Information was a war-time propaganda outlet for the government in WWI and WWII, and the BBC received orders on broadcasting propaganda from that government department. Etonian George Orwell, who authored the dystopian fiction book '1984', worked for BBC in India in WWII, and based his ‘Ministry of Truth’ in that book on the BBC and the Ministry of Information.
In the book, the world is ruled by 3 major totalitarian regions (EU, NAU, Asian Union, perhaps?), and Britain is known as ‘Airstrip One’. The government has complete control of every British citizen, and broadcasts brainwashing propaganda to every household ‘tele-screen’ through the sinister ‘Ministry of Truth’.

‘George Orwell’ – real name Eric Blair – worked for the BBC

Look at the world the Elite have constructed – was Orwell prophetic or what?

Cameron was criticized while working at Carlton for being obstructive, bullying, and downright misleading. Reportedly, someone who frequently worked closely with Cameron at this time told his biographers, ‘he could be unfriendly, arrogant’. Ian King, business editor of The Sun, said: ‘Along with other financial journalists, I was unfortunate enough to have dealings with Cameron during the 1990’s when he was a PR man for Carlton, the world’s worst television company. And a poisonous, slippery individual he was, too. Back then, he was far from the smoothie he pretends to be now. He was a smarmy bully who regularly threatened journalists who dared to write anything negative about Carlton – which was nearly all of us. He loved humiliating people, including a colleague at ITV, who he publicly abused as ‘Bunter’ just because the poor bloke was a few pounds overweight…Michael Green [his boss]…operated him the way Keith Harris works Orville’. He received similar, albeit less vehement complaints about his work in PR at this time.

A senior person with good knowledge of how Carlton works said: ‘the ethos when working for Michael Green is that you always do what Michael wants.’ So Cameron has good experience being a puppet for higher powers, then.
When he had been in politics, Cameron had always been careful to be seen as ‘loyal’ to John Major, but in private had said Major was a ‘loser’ and disagreed with him. He seems to have developed this aspect of his character in Carlton to an even greater degree.

He seems to have learned a lot about how public opinion is moulded at Carlton, and is reported to have ‘stood his ground’ there. He learned a lot about working with the media, which would be very useful. During his time at Carlton, he attempted to launch his political career. Conservative Peter Hitchens said: ‘in 1997 David Cameron stood as conservative candidate for Stafford in the North Midlands. This was a winnable constituency, not the usual 1st-time candidates’ hopeless dud seat – an unusual sign of favour from the higher-reaches of the Tory party’. The campaign was ultimately unsuccessful, but gave Cameron and Hilton practice – or, I should say – gave Hilton practice, working on Cameron as a ‘media-personality’.

Witney MP

In 2001 Cameron managed to land himself a seat as MP for Witney, near Oxford, ending his job as a PR-man for Carlton.

Peter Hitchens has pointed out that Cameron’s political views back when he campaigned as candidate for Stafford were very different from the ones he has now, and that would probably be because he seems to have no real ideology other than to get more power and popularity, and to do as he is told, as do his fellow Tory ‘inner-circle’.
Back in 2006 Cameron, as Tory party leader, announced that he believed the delinquency in some of the younger generations was due to a lack of love and affection, and this became known as his ‘hug-a-hoodie’ speech. However, more recently he has claimed that as Tory leader he supports the policy that British citizens have the right to physically attack and assault anyone caught burgling from their house. Now, am I missing something, or is the transition and ‘flip-flop’ from ‘hug a hoodie’ to ‘clobber a robber’, as it became known, completely logical? He’s just trying to say what will appeal most to the masses!

Lord Maurice Saatchi, of advertising agency ‘Saatchi & Saatchi’ that has worked with the Conservative Party in the past, has written about the say-anything-to-get-elected Tories. According to the Telegraph: ‘in an onslaught on the philosophy pursued by Mr Cameron, Lord Saatchi will rebuke the Tories for joining Labour in the "say anything to get elected" Centre ground.’ In the past, Cameron has been against EU-integration, so we’ll see how he flip-flops on that one now he’s in Downing Street…

This period was very important for Cameron, and he learned a great deal. He managed to put into practice the techniques that he had seen employed by politicians while working behind-the-scenes in previous occupations.

Elections 2003-2005 for Conservative Leadership

Conservative Party leader Michael Howard resigned at age 63, and as a result, David Cameron decided to go up against David Davis in elections for the new leader.

Cameron’s campaign team and supporters were all notably very ‘upper-class’, and his close ‘inner-circle’ contacts like Steven Hilton, Rothschild-associate Oliver Letwin, George Osborne, Michael Gove and Ed Vaizey attended a meeting to deicide Cameron’s campaign slogan and tactics. The meeting was of course dominated by PR-man Steven Hilton, and Hilton’s new Cameron was unveiled at a party conference in October of 2005. Hilton had previously, in 1995, assisted John Redwood’s campaign for Tory Leadership, and now did the same for Cameron, but was much more centre-stage. Cameron’s change to trying to be ‘media-made’ coincided with Steven Hilton’s arrival on his campaign team; because of course Hilton was doing what he does best – pulling strings and moulding public perception.
The MPs that pledged loyalty to Cameron’s campaign, while it was in ‘undeclared’ stages, included Hugo Swire, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Rothschild-associate Oliver Letwin, Ed Vaizey, George Osborne, and Richard Benyon. At least 4 of the MPs that pledged loyalty at this stage attended Eton, and Newbury MP Richard Benyon is of the Benyon family, who are a grand county family similar to the Mounts. The family has produced a long line of MPs, and his seat in Newbury has been held in the past by both Mounts and Astors.

‘Ready for Change’, ‘Change to Win’ – I swear I’ve heard all this before somewhere…

Andrew Pierce, of the Daily Telegraph, told a documentary on Cameron: ‘David Cameron is impeccably well-connected with the media, he worked in PR for a TV company for many years…He speaks their language.’ In his campaign, Cameron would use this to his advantage. Cameron’s media-profile far surpassed that of David Davis, who the media reviled and harshly attacked.

Eventually, Cameron beat Davis as new leader of the Conservative Party. For his Chief of Staff, Cameron chose fellow-Etonian Ed Llewellyn, and also recruited George Bridges.
Rachel Whetstone, who had replaced Cameron in his former job at the Home Office after he left, would go on to work at Google in California after her time at the Home Office.

So there you have it – the making of David Cameron as a puppet-Prime-Minister, now answering ultimately to the Elite manipulators.

Cameron is ruthlessly efficient and obedient, and will do what is takes to be ‘successful’ – which in the case of being a media-star Prime Minister means doing as his masters command. He knows that if he wants to be successful in politics, he needs to ‘get in’ with the likes of Steven Hilton, Rachel Whetstone, and Bilderberger George Osborne.
He has also shown that he is close to the Neo-Cons who launched the phony ‘War on Terror’ – Michael Gove is a self-confessed Neo-Con and supporter of the Iraq WMD-scam.

David Cameron is a useful idiot, a puppet Prime Minister, whose strings are being pulled by a ruthless Elite that stand on a pedestal far above him.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the policies he’ll implement will have been spawned solely from his (or Clegg’s) own mind – they will largely be the machinations and creations of the shadowy Puppet-Masters above him.


As I have already said, much of the membership of the Conservative and Labour parties are both essentially on each other’s side – the conflict is for public consumption (conflict limited to TV-interview sound-bites). The ‘elite’ Hitchens talks about having taken over the Conservative Party are the same guys as in the Labour Party – and they work for the real Elite just as the Conservative Party ‘elite’ does – two arms of the same beast.


Many Labour Party members have been attending Round Table meetings at the Bilderberg Group conferences, and been taking orders from there.
Former Leader of the Labour Party and ex-Prime-Minister Tony Blair attended the Bilderberg conference of 1993 in Vouliagment, Greece, back when he was British Labour Party Home Affairs spokesman. A year later, after the sudden and unexpected death of the then-Labour-Party-leader and Bilderberg-man, John Smith, it was Tony Blair who took over. A series of scandals and conflicts destroyed the credibility of the ruling Conservative Government of John Major, and thus Tony Blair would became Prime Minister in a landslide victory in 1997.

John Prescott has also attended a Bilderberg Conference, and I think it’s safe to say he was not an ‘inner-core’ member. Other Labour Party members who have attended include Peter Mandelson, Ed Balls, and Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown attended Bilderberg in 1991, two years before the conference Blair attended. Once they were in power, Bilderberg Prime Minister Blair and Bilderberg Chancellor of the Ex-Chequer Brown went to work conceding the government’s power to set interest rates to the Bank of England. In fact, the economic policies followed by Bilderberg-Brown were no different in fundamentals to those of the previous Conservative Chancellor, Kenneth Clarke, whom Brown replaced. This is not so surprising when you learn that Clarke is indeed also a Bilderberg-attendee, and attended the meeting with Tony Blair in Greece and also attended at Tumberry in Scotland, in May 1998!

It was revealed a few months ago in the media that a number of Gordon Brown’s staff claimed to have been ‘bullied’ by the man, who they said was very intimidating and angry. These are the kinds of people the Elite want as Prime Minister – whether the bully is David Cameron or Gordon Brown, they’re both going around bossing their inferiors in the same way that they are being bossed around by the Elite – it’s a hierarchical system of bullying and abuse.

Gordon Brown storms out of a TV Interview, without realising he is tethered by his microphone…

Remember the Fabian Society, where ‘leftist’ intellectuals would go to debate and discuss the Elite’s agenda of the World State? Well, it certainly is relevant that Labour have been bringing in the Big-Brother State in the UK, since the Labour Party is itself largely an outgrowth of the Fabian Society.
Many Fabians were involved in the early version of the Labour Party when it was founded originally in 1900, and the Labour Party’s constitution was authored by Fabian Sidney Webb, who drew heavily from the founding documents of the Fabian Society in writing it. Labour Party politicians such as Clement Attlee, Anthony Crosland, Ramsay McDonald, Tony Benn, Richard Crossman and Harold Wilson have all been Fabians. Fabians nowadays include Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and Ed Balls.

Video of Fabian Brown calling for ‘World Constitution’ to bind nations of the planet

The man that has been THE Rothschild agent and Downing Street manipulator while Labour has been in Government has been Peter Mandelson, who is a regular inner-core Bilderberg member.
For the past few years, he may as well have been our real Prime Minister, since he has been the one calling the shots for Gordon Brown and running much of the show behind-the-scenes. Like I said, he is a regular Rothschild-dominated Bilderberg Group member, and, along with Peter Osborne, went along to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter’s 40th birthday at the Rothschild mansion in Corfu.
It was from that very Rothschild villa that Mandelson was acting as Prime Minister while Gordon Brown was on holiday in August of 2009, which no doubt was good news for Jacob Rothschild, et al.

‘Um, sir, what is it you desire, sir, for me to do, sir, um, now Brown is gone…?’

Now that Brown is no longer leader of the Labour Party, it believed that his successor will either be, at the time of writing, Fabian and prominent Bilderberger Ed Balls, or Rothschild-supporting Zionist Ed Miliband. So, as you can see, the Labour Party have been controlled by the Elite for a long time, and they aren’t about to give up control now.


The Liberal Democrat Party was formed when 4 members of the Labour Party jumped ship in 1981 to form a new Party – the Social Democratic Party. This ‘Gang of Four’ were: Lord Roy Jenkins (Bilderberg, Trilateral), Bill Rogers (Bilderberg), Lord David Owen (Bilderberg, Trilateral), and Shirley Williams. They all supported the European Union, or as it were known back then, the European Community, and went on to fuse with the Liberal Party to form today’s Liberal Democrats.
Remember that the Labour Party was an outgrowth of the Fabian Society? Well, the early version of the Liberal Democrats was formed by Round Table agents from the Fabian Labour Party, so really the Lib Dems are just an outgrowth of the Elite’s political-parties.

The current leader of the Lib Dems is Nick Clegg – who has come to be seen as some new ‘anti-establishment’ hero figure, but really he’s nothing of the sort.

He supports the Neo-Con Afghanistan war, and is really every bit as ‘posh’ and a ‘snob’ as David Cameron is. His father, Nicholas Clegg CBE, has had an ‘illustrious banking career’ according to the Daily Mail, as has his brother. His father has been chairman of the United Trust Bank since 2001, and owns a 20-room chalet in the Alps and a chateau near Bordeaux.
Clegg received his indoctrination and initiation into the British establishment at Caldicott prep-school, Westminster boarding-school, and Cambridge University – the counterpart to the elite Oxford University where Cameron went. He has been described by some as a kind of Cameron Mark-II, which I guess makes him Blair Mark-III?

Nick Clegg’s great-great-grandfather on his father’s side was the Russian nobleman, Ignatiy Zakrevsky. Ignatiy Zakrevsky had a number of children, one of which was Clegg’s great-great-aunt, the Russian spy Baroness Moura Budberg Zakrevskaya, who worked for the KGB, and is also believed by some to have been a double-agent, working for both the KGB and British Intelligence. She spied for the Soviet Union in the 1920s and was described by MI5 as ‘a very dangerous woman’. She was also the mistress of British secret agent R H Bruce Lockhart, and has been nicknamed the ‘Russian Mata-Hari’. Soviet spy Guy Burgess was a regular visitor to her apartment.

Ignatiy Zakrevsky also had a daughter called Alexandra Ignatievna Zakrevskaya (Clegg’s great-grandmother) who was a Russian noblewoman, and married a man called Arthur Von Engelhardt. The two had a daughter, Kira Von EngelHardt, who married Hugh Clegg, editor the British Medical Journal. In turn, these two would have a son called Nicholas Clegg – the father of the current Leader of the Lib Dems and Deputy Prime Minister of Britain.

According to the Financial Times:

‘At Cambridge University [Clegg] joined the Conservative association and his early career was tracked by Lord Carrington, a former Tory foreign secretary (and next-door neighbour) who recommended him for a job in Brussels with another Tory grandee, Leon Brittan, the EU trade commissioner.’

Lord Carrington has been a major Round Table manipulator and was in Margaret Thatcher's government. Lord Ashdown, a former agent of MI6, backed Nick Clegg for leadership of the Lib Dems, which led him to where he is today.

As you can see, Clegg has major spook-connections, and is of course most likely a front for the Elite once again, just as Cameron and Blair are and have been.

Which face do you want to represent your tyrants, the pretty one or the ugly one? ‘Ooh, ooh, the pretty one, the pretty one!’

Despite the fact that record numbers of people are waking up to the Elite agenda, tons of people have still fallen for Clegg, thinking that he’s some messiah figure come to save us from the nasty Labour-ites and Conservative tyrants. How in the hell are we supposed to put an end to all this when people STILL continue to fall for the election shams even after waking up to some of the manipulation?? We have SO much more to do, so much more work to be done exposing this information and getting the word out, we NEED to get beyond relying on puppet-Prime-Ministers and politicians.
Nick Clegg has been compared to Barack Obama, and I think the comparison is somewhat justified – they’ve both been sold and marketed as some grand champion-of-the-people messiah, but really are just a front for the Elite scam-sters behind them.

They’re both just more of the same. Clegg and Cameron have announced that they’re ‘reeling back the Big Brother State’, and now thanks to the moronic efforts of the British public in actually buying that crap, we’re going to realise further down the line, in say 2/3 years from now, that we’re actually much worse off than we were before.

Fact is, whoever we voted for in the General Election – Labour, Lib Dems, or Cons – financial interests would be in government, supposedly the ones ‘regulating’ and ‘reforming’ the banking sector in the new government. The financial crisis has happened under the guys who are now supposed to be stopping it from happening!

A report from the PR group ‘The Madano Partnership’ outlines the fact that the number of MPs with a financial services background has increased two-fold over the past thirteen years.
Editor of alternative news website Steve Watson writes:
‘One in 10 new MPs have come from a career in investment banking, fund management, or other areas associated with the financial sector, according to the report.
The roll call of MPs includes three former directors of Barclays Bank, a former managing director of JP Morgan, and a former mergers and acquisitions banker at Goldman Sachs.
Former investment bankers and economists at Deutsche Bank, Barings, Warburg, and the previously bailed out Lloyds TSB also hold seats.
Conservative MP Jacob Rees Mogg also previously held management positions at Rothschild and Lloyd George Management in London.’
In 2009, a study of 116 of the world's most successful companies, presented to the Global Forum on Public Governance, revealed that the UK has far more ties between the banking sector and government than Europe or the US. It revealed an ‘old boys network’ that consisted of revolving-door connections between the banks and the regulatory agencies supposedly keeping them in check.
As I wrote in a previous blog:

‘The organisations with more than five revolving door connections were Royal Bank of Scotland, HBOS/Lloyds Group, Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Dexia Group, HSBC Holdings, JP Morgan Chase and Co, Standard Chartered Bank and UBS.’
"The Government and the political classes have very close links to the banking industry," said the report's author David Miller, a Professor of Sociology at Strathclyde University, who specialises in researching lobbying.
"I believe this could be one of the factors behind the disaster that has befallen the financial markets. There has not been enough regulation of these connections.”’

Like I said, Nick Clegg has been compared to Obama in the US, because people are looking to him to save them from the financial crisis and Big Brother government. It is appropriate, because the exact same kind of ‘revolving door’ revealed itself in the US after Obama was elected.
Timothy Geithner, former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, was appointed by President Obama as United States Chairman of the Treasury. Paul Volcker, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve under Presidents Carter and Reagan, was appointed by Obama as chairman of the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, and it goes on and on.

Washington investigative journalist Wayne Madsen described it to a documentary film crew as being like as if ‘the fox is guarding the hen-house’, and that is exactly how it is.

This is the unfortunate case in our country – and it’ll stay the same whichever of the three parties we vote for

The three major parties are all largely the creation of the Round Table Elite, so we cannot depend on them to save us. And that’s without even getting into Election Fraud…

Memory Note no. 4 - Election-fraud


‘It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.’ – Joseph Stalin

It is highly possible that this General Election has been fraught with ‘vote-fraud’ or ‘election-fraud’.

In 2005 elections, Britons were urged not to vote by post, since the practice was widely condemned for facilitating vote-fraud. Shortly before the call went out, a former Labour councillor was jailed for three and a half years after being caught engaging in fraud with postal votes. The councillor, Muhammed Hussain, 61, from Logwood Street, Blackburn, Lancashire, pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud local elections in May 2002.

According to a BBC article on the arrest:

‘Earlier this week, in a separate case involving Labour councillors in Birmingham, a judge said the UK's postal voting system would "disgrace a banana republic".’

There was also compelling evidence that the 2007 Scottish elections were victim to vote-fraud, and certainly there were a very unusual, (and according to the BBC, ‘unprecedented’) amount of rejected ballot papers. Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond commented on the elections, saying: ‘tens of thousands of votes across Scotland have been discounted. That is totally unacceptable in a democratic society.’

Vote-fraud was also widely suspected in the Glasgow North East by-elections of 2009, which were won by the Labour Party. Police were called in to investigate the possibility of vote-fraud, and according the Scotsman, over 6,000 people registered for postal votes in Glasgow North East, which is 10% of all eligible voters. Where were the other 90%?
SNP’s Alex Salmond told the Guardian that he had been very surprised at the large number of late postal vote applications submitted in this campaign. ‘Around 1,100 were made in the three days before applications closed.’ He said. Remember how postal votes were considered deeply susceptible to fraud?
Judge Richard Mawley QC said of postal voting: ‘Postal voting on demand is lethal to the democratic process. Wholesale electoral fraud is both easy and profitable.’ He was the judge presiding over a case of vote rigging in Birmingham in the 2005 elections, and said: ‘The system is wide open to fraud and any would-be political fraudster knows that’ He cited evidence of ‘massive, systematic and organised fraud’ saying: ‘Anybody who has sat through the case I have just tried and listened to evidence of electoral fraud that would disgrace a banana republic would find [the claim that our voting system is secure] surprising.’

A 2001 Guardian article on vote-fraud in the UK by journalist Nick Davies highlights the various methods fraudsters, or ‘riggers’ use to manipulate elections. He writes: ‘Vote-rigging is well established and it is crafted with rat-like cunning. Just about nobody in politics complains about it - because just about everybody in politics knows that his or her own party has been implicated’

He explains what is probably the most common form of vote-rigging – inventing false people to register multiple votes – creating ‘ghosts’:
‘The best and simplest way to procure false votes is to invent false voters - "ghosts", as they are known in the trade….In the 1998 Hackney council elections, which ended with the jailing of two councillors this month, Lib Dem and Tory riggers registered one of their relatives in two different locations; logged eight fictional voters at the address of a derelict property; and registered more than 80 other ghosts by hijacking the names of students at a residential college, knowing that the students were unlikely to find out, since they were foreign or too young to vote.’

In these 2010 General Elections, at least 50 criminal inquiries nationwide have been launched by police amid widespread cases of electoral rolls being packed with ‘bogus’ voters – ‘Ghosts’.
According to the Daily Mail: ‘The Mail’s Richard Kay has learned that for the first time ever the Commonwealth is dispatching a group of election monitors – more used to supervising banana republics – to scrutinise the results on Thursday….The problem is not confined to London. In Yorkshire, five police investigations are under way in Bradford and Calderdale, where two arrests have been already been made.
In Derby, police are investigating several claims of electoral fraud, including one case where a female voter was allegedly intimidated by three men who demanded that she fill in and sign postal votes for the Labour Party.’
Controversial MP George Galloway, of the leftist ‘Respect’ party, claimed to have knowledge of people involved in vote-fraud in the 2010 elections. His party, Respect, said in early May, that:

‘Respect has a substantial dossier on the current abuse and the principal people involved in this attempted fraud. George Galloway will name these people and the Respect bus will drive to their addresses where reporters and photographers will have the opportunity to question the people Galloway has named.’

Former reporter and broadcaster Martin Bell said of the potentially fraud-ridden results of the elections: ‘There is actually a possibility that the result of the election could be decided by electoral fraud. That’s pretty grim’

So as you can see, there is a clear possibility that election-fraud played a part in the 2010 elections. How much a part it may have played, we do not know, but it is always a wide-spread risk in UK elections.

Remember, there is a Global Elite who have an agenda for the world – a One World Government controlled by them. They use mass-media to swing public favour in front of Prime Ministerial candidates they control, and make sure to control all 3 major parties, so their agenda goes on unmolested. The Lib-Lab-CON has been successful in keeping the Elite in control of British politics, and they may in fact even resort to vote-fraud to ensure that their chosen candidate gets ‘elected’ as Prime Minister.

So what the hell do we do about it?

What we can do

‘Be the change you wish to see in this world’ – Mahatma Gandhi

‘If you are a minority of one, the Truth is still the Truth’ – Mahatma Gandhi

As the Global Elite make their final moves towards open World Tyranny, there is a world-wide awakening happening as citizens from all over the planet realise who they are and what their agenda is. This global awakening is rising up in direct opposition to their agenda, and threatens to put an end to their system of planetary slavery and oppression.

Top Globalist Strategist Zbigniew Brzeznski discusses the global awakening and how it may be co-opted in a CFR meeting

The Elite are well aware of this awakening and plan on using multiple strategies to misdirect it, co-opt it and stifle it before it puts an end to their agenda. This is why we NEED to stay clued-up on them and what they are doing, and why we need to put effort into studying this stuff and knowing how they operate, etc.

But of course, reading about it is not really enough. We need to get the information out to other people, including those around us in our communities. We all have a unique way of seeing the world, and unique ways of understanding and communicating this information. This is why we ALL need to get our rear-ends of the sofa, get our eyes away from the TV for a while, and spread the word to our neighbours and community in whatever way we see most effective. Apply your creativity, your own unique intelligence, to this, and I think you’d be surprised at the results.

Most importantly, if you’re serious about putting an end to this, you need to get past worrying about what other people will think of you. I know there are all sorts of nasty people around, and you will get people taking the micky and laughing at you, and even perhaps getting angry, since it’s quite ‘controversial’ information.
But if you break free of that mind-prison of constantly living in fear of what people might do and say about you, it won’t really matter to you. Just leave the close-minded idiots to their own devices – there’s plenty more fish in the sea as the saying goes. Don’t be afraid of speaking your truth to whoever the hell will listen.

In practical terms, you could join a local activist group that confronts these kinds of issues – just be careful it hasn’t been co-opted or taken over or misguided in some way. The Whole Truth Coalition is a good activist group that I know of that campaigns in the UK on the issues I’ve discussed here, as does the global We Are Change activist group.
If there is no local chapter of We Are Change or whatever, it might be an idea to start one. Of course it might be an up-hill struggle at times, but I think it’s well worth it – and if not We Are Change, then maybe start a group entirely of your own devising. Of course remember to be tactful and stay away from rigid hierarchies, but it’s always an idea.

Personally, I think it’s most effective if activism is kept mostly to local issues and affairs – don’t try and bite off more than you chew, and end up sorely disappointed. Westminster might not listen to your arguments, but friendly meetings with your local MP or some such person may go down very well.

Also, I think it’s best not to be afraid of these Elitist types. We’ve got to get some self-respect and guts and not be afraid to speak our mind to them and confront them on what they are doing. These people are assisting the dismantling of our freedoms, liberties, and sovereignty – and the mass media acts like they’re great pariahs of society!

No, Osborne, we don’t appreciate you running our country into the ground and sending our troops to die in unjust wars for global conquest!

We need to show them we are not their happy-to-serve slaves, but we mustn’t get hateful. I think we should still have love in our hearts for them – they are very sick and misguided people, and hate will solve nothing, neither will violence (in fact it would give them the perfect excuse to persecute us and besides, we don’t want to sink to their level).

Ed Balls gets confronted by We Are Change activists in Birmingham

It’s time to stop taking crap from the powers-that-be, and peacefully refuse to go along with our own enslavement. How many people are on this planet? 6 billion? And how many of those compose the Global Elite? Like, a few thousand? Hmm, I think I see where we’re going wrong…

A clip from ‘A Bugs Life’ that illustrates perfectly how Human Beings are kept in-line…

We need to be lion-hearted, instead of self-deluded, and only then can we live in a world of freedom, liberty and happiness.

Consider this a personal invitation to join the Global Revolution of Love and Peace, and to put an end to the corrupt Global Elite and their World Dictatorship.


Lion-heart painting by Richard Normandin – available here

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